Here's the nuts and bolts in the new attributes in FUT 15.

were at EA lately to take a different look at FIFA 15 and part of the presentation focused on FUT. Marcel Kuhn walked us through a number of the new functions, however it should be noted that we weren't capable to try them out correctly, it was all just video. For any slightly greater explanation of a few of these attributes, verify out our interview with Marcel.

All new for FUT 15 are
concept squads which enable you to populate your squads with players you do not personal to find out how they fit. You may now access the whole database of players from the squad creating screens, dropping players in and tinkering until you obtain a squad you happen to be satisfied with. Any players in the squad which you never own will show as such and having a single click you could jump for the transfer marketplace to start searching and fill in any mmoxp gaps. Clearly you cannot actually play with concept squads, even offline, but it really is a neat way of taking a squad from concept to playable without having leaving the game.

EASFC is now accessible from
anywhere in the game. Accessing it inside FUT will bring a FUT particular EASFC screen down, so you'll have the ability to share squads along with your buddies and see squads shared with you. From there, you can "like" or comment, assuming you've got a set of good friends that actively check their EASFC feeds. One particular final application for this is the ability to copy a squad in the finish of a match. So lets say you play someone and they have a terrific group that you'd prefer to attempt for yourself or possibly they had a standout player and also you wish to discover extra about them, at the finish on the match it is possible to copy the squad straight into your concept squads, any players you currently personal will populate in the squad and you can tinker with it before searching the transfer market to fill the rest of the squad out and make it playable.

Add to squads
from the whole database of players, without needing to get
Various card display for players you already personal
One click from concept squads to start browsing market place to get a player
Share squads
by means of EASFC
Copy squads from
on the web matches straight into idea squads